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Accounting and Admin Assistant Consultant – (SIAP-1)

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Strengthening Integrity and Accountability Program -1 (SIAP -1) Scope of Work

Position: Accounting and Admin Assistant Consultant
Period of Performance: June – August 2016
Report to: Administration, Finance and HR Manager

Project Summary:
The objective of SIAP-1 is to contribute to good governance in Indonesia by strengthening integrity and accountability in government – principally at the national level. It will do this by supporting governmental and non-governmental efforts to strengthen integrity and accountability. Two major components of SIAP-1 are:

  1. Supporting efforts by key accountability agencies such as the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and the Supreme Audit Body (BPK) to strengthen integrity and accountability in government;
  2. Supporting efforts to strengthen political integrity and accountability by reducing the influence of “money politics.” This will include support for efforts to strengthen the fair regulation of political finance and effective oversight and enforcement.

Position Summary:
The Accounting and Admin Assistant is responsible to provide support for:

  1. Administrative task such as: follow up all supporting letters required for VAT exemption process, KITAS process, and extension for vehicle annual tax;
  2. Working with the Project Accountant to assist in process payment vouchers including review expenses report;
  3. Working with receptionist/admin assistant in procurement process;
  4. Responsible for ensuring that financial transactions are in line with MSI and USAID regulation. S/He reports to the SIAP 1 Administration, Finance and HR Manager.

Scope of Work:

  • Support SIAP 1 Accountant to implement day to day operation of MSI/SIAP 1’s accounting activities in Jakarta, including accounts payable, purchasing and account receivable;
  • Checking the completeness of supporting document for payment and make sure that all document are in line with MSI and USAID regulation;
  • Processing payment voucher to be registered in S2B Standard Chartered Bank by the Accountant;
  • Filling all financial document and sending financial report to MSI home office in monthly basis;
  • Maintain financial record (receipt, vouchers, invoice, etc);
  • Follow up supporting letters required for VAT exemption process, KITAS and annual tax extension for vehicle with Government of Indonesia related department;
  • Coordinate the administrative processes that need to be completed for procurement;
  • Maintain appropriate records to ensure that procurement process, decision and contractual agreement are accurately documented for accountability and audit purposes; and
  • Perform other duties related to procurement and administrative tasks, as requested;
  • Assisting with office administration task as requested by Administration, Finance and HR Manager, Chief of Party and Senior Project Manager.

General Provision and limitation:

  • All final decision related to this project are made by COP and MSI/HQ responsible and authorized personnel;
  • Any communication with USAID is the authority of the COP and MSI/ HQ responsible and authorized personnel.

Please send applications indicating ‘Accounting Assistant ‘ as the subject of your email addressed to recruitment@msi-siap.com not later than May 28, 2016.

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