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Beasiswa Department of Philosophy – University of Milan

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University of Milan (Italy) – Department of Philosophy

Two Year Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Cognitive Methods and Technologies for Learning Empowerment. Our multidisciplinary team is seeking qualified candidates for a research-focused post-doctoral fellowship on cognitive empowerment and learning processes.

We are seeking one outstanding researcher to join us in developing new tools and methods to support cognitive empowerment and learning processes. The position is intended for two years + a two-year renewal.

Activities will be carried out at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Milan (Università degli studi di Milano, Italy) in collaboration with schools and clinical centres. You may find full information in attachment.

A Ph.D in psychology/cognitive science or related fields is required.

Post-Doc ideal candidates should:

  1. have relevant publications in international journals and conferences
  2. Speak fluently English (Italian is also required in order to carry out research activities with Italian children/adults)
  3. own at least two of the following expertise:
  • Programming for development/customization interactive tools;
  • EEG signal processing;
  • Leading research activities on children/adult with learning disorders;
  • Augmented didactics.

Suitable candidates can introduce themselves and/or asking for information by contacting Claudio Lucchiari (claudio.lucchiari@unimi.it). Complete information at: http://users2.unimi.it/ExCog/postdoc.html.
Application form: http://www.unimi.it/ricerca/assegni_ricerca/1260.htm.

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