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Finance Manager (IBU Foundation)

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Job Vacancy – IBU Foundation

IBU Foundation is a non-profit Indonesian organization with national and international acknowledgement. We work to respond to emergency situations and inequity in community especially health care services for vulnerable people
especially children: Our vision is to create healthy generation as the resource for the future.

IBU Foundation are currently seek candidate to fill position below:


  1. Manage and run the Finance Division of IBU Foundation, including the delegation and supervision work, provision of support and on-the-job training, and the creation of a constructive and productive working environment. Ensure that finance policies and procedures are implemented and adhered well.
  2. Administer and manage finances, including budgets, reports, forecasts, cash flows, audits, stock inventories, payrolls, insurance, etc. Ensure that IBU Foundation funds are managed professionally, and that financial reports, forecasts, monitoring of expenses and income as well as cash flow are all produced in a timely fashion an that the Executive Director is properly informed at all times. Ensure that funds are well invested, that audits are carried out and reviewed and that records are kept according to approved financial management standards and Generally Accepted Accounting Procedure (GAAP).
  3. Administer and manage project finances, including support to planning, budgeting, agreement and contract, reports, forecast, and cash flow, management fees, disbursement, audits, etc. provide timely and professional management of project fund and keep project coordinators and management informed of all significant issues. Prepare budgets and reports and ensure that funds earn best interest that audits are carried out and audit reports reviewed, that management fees are processed and that books ad records are kept according to approved financial management standards. Provide input to project planning and management, agreements, ToRs and project management meeting and reports-back.
  4. Provide advice and guidance to the management and to the office of Adm & Human Resources Division on IBU Foundation finances, and steering the finance management of project.
  5. Promote the good name and professional ethical standards of IBU Foundation by ensuring the highest quality and integrity of financial management and advice. Ensure that agreements are adhered to and that obligations are met, to the letter. Foster good, cooperative relationships with all partners, and provide ‘value for money’ service.
  6. Support the management and divisions, and stand in for them when required. Take on any other jobs that will further the interests, mission, well-being and smooth-running of IBU Foundation as appropriate and necessary.
  7. Regular assessment of the overall financial situation of the corporation taking into account current revenue, expenditure and payments.
  8. Work closely with the Chief of Party and other key personnel to implement, improve, and maintain financial management policies, systems, structures, and procedures for the program.
  9. Ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the finance office through supervision and management.
  10. Work closely with the Chief of Party to monitor the project budget and with project head over the project implementation, planning, and cash flow projections.
  11. Make sure that financial records and backup documentation is ready for internal and external audit.
  12. Work closely with finance team and internal and external auditor
  13. Work closely with Board of Management Yayasan IBU, regarding the financial management of Yayasan IBU Finances.
  14. Apart from the above specific ToRs, he/she would also be required to carry out general function of any Finance Manager.
  15. Any other task (financial or non financial) that may be assigned by the management from time to time.


Core Competencies

  1. People Skills: Ability to work independently and as a team player who demonstrates leadership and is able to support and train local and or international staff.
  2. Communication skills. Able to communicate clearly and sensitively with internal and external stakeholders as a representative of IBU Foundation. This includes effective negotiation and representation skills.
  3. Integrity: Works with trustworthiness and integrity and has a clear commitment to IBU Foundation’s core values and humanitarian principles.
  4. Resilience/Adaptability and flexibility: Ability to operate effectively under extreme circumstances including stress, high security risks and harsh living conditions. Works and lives with a flexible, adaptable and resilient manner, ability to work independently and leverage limited resources and staff for maximum impact.
  5. Awareness and sensitivity of self and others: Demonstrates awareness and sensitivity to gender and diversity. Have experience and the ability to live and work in diverse cultural contexts in a culturally appropriate manner. Has a capacity to make accurate self-assessment particularly in high stress and high security contexts.
  6. Work style: Is well planned and organized even within a fluid working environment and has a capacity for initiative and decision making with competent analytical and problem solving skills.
  7. Knowledge and skills: knowledge of IBU Foundationpolicies and procedures, Sphere and theNGO Code of Conduct. Requires general finance, administration, information management and telecommunication skills and proficiencyin information technology/computer skills.
  8. 3 – 5 years humanitarian aid experience
  9. Multiple language skills desirable

Technical Competencies

  1. Minimum of three years experience in finance management and accounting in Non Governmental Organization
  2. Graduate degree in Accounting, Economics, or Finance
  3. Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) preferred
  4. Extensive experience in proposal preparation and budget formulation
  5. Experience of strategic and programplanning processes
  6. Understanding of multi and bilateral donor policies and procedures
  7. Proven numeracy and financial analysis / planning skills
  8. Ability to use financial system to track accounting activity is required.
  9. Proven knowledge of computerized systems and demonstrates experience of working computerized accounting packages and spreadsheets.

If you meet the requirement, please send your CV and comprehensive document with recent photograph to hrd@ibufoundation.or.id, not later than January 7, 2011. only qualified candidates will be contacted. for further information, please visit our website www.ibufoundation.or.id

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