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Finance Officer for the RESPEK Public Education Initiative

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Finance Officer for the RESPEK Public Education Initiative Papua BaKTI is seeking a Finance Officer for the RESPEK Public Education Initiative

TOR is below.

Please submit your applications including cover letter, CV and  references (at least three names with full contact details) to jobs@bakti.org

Application should be submitted no later than 16 February 2010.

*Terms of Reference*

1. *1. **Context Statement*

The governor of Papua province launched the RESPEK program (/Rencana  Strategis Pembangunan Kampung –/Strategic Planning of Village Development) in 2007. In 2008 RESPEK was merged with the national community empowerment program, PNPM Mandiri. RESPEK provides block grants of Rp100 million for all villages throughout Papua province and  PNPM Mandiri provides community development facilitators and field engineers to assist communities with the planning, design and implementation of development activities completed with the RESPEK grants.

Under this scheme, the provincial government of Papua allocates large proportion of its resources to village development. It is the government’s attempt to close the development gap between various communities within Papua in particular between Papuans and non-Papuans. Law Number 21 mandated the provincial government to fulfill the rights of Papuans through Special Autonomy status. This has been translated into respect, affirmation, protection and empowerment to become enable native Papuans define and address their own development needs.

The core principle of PNPM-RESPEK is community-driven development under the guidance and support of respective village authorities. Community members in every village throughout Papua are expected to be the drivers and owners of their own development by establishing community governance structures which promote transparent and accountable management of community resources. The PNPM-RESPEK program provides huge opportunity to communities to design and carry out their own development programs.

The PNPM-RESPEK village development approach enables communities to design and implement development programs at the village and sub-district levels. The strategy is in line with the governor’s vision and mission and the provincial government’s medium-term development plan (RPJMD 2006-2010). As a development approach, PNPM-RESPEK provides  simple mechanisms and procedures for communities and village authorities to develop good governance practices from the bottom-up.

To support the implementation of the PNPM-RESPEK program, the Papuan government is developing a public education program to improve communities’ knowledge of and participation in the program. In line with its mandate to facilitate successful implementation of RESPEK through the compilation and analysis of village development data, information and knowledge, the Papua Knowledge Center (PKC) has been appointed to design and implement the RESPEK public education project in coordination with the /Biro Pemerintahan Kampung Provinsi Papua/, the/ /Village Governance Bureau.

* *

The/ /Village Governance Bureau is currently procuring the hardware facilities for the RESPEK public education project. A total of 1,500 sets of facilities will be distributed and installed in target villages by the end of 2009/. /These facilities comprise of one television, one satellite dish and one solar panel (for electricity generation) per village. In order to ensure the sustainability of these facilities, young people in selected locations will be trained to provide maintenance. The provincial government will provide start-up capital for establishment of service stations (/pusat pelayanan komersial/).

The PKC will be responsible for the development of the materials to be broadcast (through TV Mandiri Papua) on the televisions procured by the Village Governance Bureau and radio programs to be broadcast on local radio (RRI).

The Knowledge Centre RESPEK Public Education Project consists of five main components:

1) Project preparation (recruitment of project staff and procurement of sub-contractors)
2) An audience survey on communities’ media habits and preferences.
3) Design and development of RESPEK public education materials
4) Launching event for the video and radio materials
5) Broadcast of materials on local television (Mandiri Papua) and radio (RRI)

1. *2. **Objective*

To plan, design, produce and broadcast a series of public education materials on the PNPM-RESPEK community-driven development program in order to improve Papuan villagers’ knowledge of and participation in the

1. *3. **Duties and Responsibilities of the Finance Officer*

* *

1. *General Responsibilities*

The Project Leader is responsible for the overall management of the RESPEK Public Education Project, and timely delivery of all outputs including:

* Oversee the procurement and management of sub-contractors (three firms)
* Manage overall coordination of all project activities (survey,radio and video production, Steering Committee meetings, launch and broadcast of media materials);
* Manage a small project team (project officer, finance officer and admin assistant)
* Coordinate preparation of monthly on activity implementation and finance management for presentation to the PKC and Project Steering Committee

1. *Specific Tasks and Duties*

1. Manage the contracting of the team of ad hoc advisors on local cultural and community development issues (preparation and negotiation of contracts)
2. Manage inputs from PKC, Antara and RESPEK staff for the preparation of a draft questionnaire for the audience survey (to
be finalised by survey firm)
3. Oversee the procurement of a survey firm to conduct audience research
1. Preparation of a call for tenders
2. Assessment of detailed financial and technical proposals
3. Negotiation of budget with lead firm
4. Preparation of contract for selected firm
4. Oversee the procurement of a video production firm to design and produce nine videos
1. Preparation of a call for tenders
2. Assessment of detailed financial and technical proposals
3. Negotiation of budget with lead firm
4. Preparation of contract for selected firm
5. Oversee the procurement of a radio production firm to design and produce nine radio shows
1. Preparation of a call for tenders
2. Assessment of detailed financial and technical proposals
3. Negotiation of budget with lead firm
4. Preparation of contract for selected firm
6. Coordination of monthly reports:
1. Review and finalize inputs from the Project Officer on implementation progress and problem solving;
2. Review and finalize inputs from the Finance Officer on disbursement and financial management information;
3. Overall report finalization and editing
7. Conduct a minimum of one field supervision mission per sub-project, and provide trip reports to the PKC Director.
8. Liaison with senior government officials and donor representatives
9. Oversee the preparation and implementation of launching event
10. Coordination of a final activity completion report.

1. *4. **Management and Reporting*

The Project Leader will work under the supervision and management of the Director of the Papua Knowledge Centre, and will be responsible for the management of three Staff: A project officer, a finance assistant and an administration assistant.

* *

1. *5. **Timing*

The project leader will be contracted for a period of seven months and will be responsible for ensuring that the project is delivered according to the schedule

1. *6. **Required** Qualifications and Skills*

  1. Bachelors Degree in communications, social science, economics or other related field.
  2. A minimum of five years relevant work experience, including at least three years project management experience, ideally in the community development or communications sectors.
  3. Excellent communications skills (ability to present complex information to a wide variety of internal and external audiences)
  4. Highly developed management and team building skills
  5. Sound knowledge of the Papuan social and development context
  6. Excellent report writing skills
  7. Fluency in Indonesian language; English language competency
  8. also highly desirable
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