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Financial Management Consultant at Makassar

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Please submit your applications including cover letter, CV and references (at least three names with full contact details)  to: jobs@bakti.org. Application should be submitted no later than 15 February 2010

*Term of Reference *


The Support Office for Eastern Indonesia (SOfEI) was established in 2003, with the aim of improving development effectiveness in Eastern Indonesia. Furthermore, the office has acted as a sub-office for the World Bank and other donors such as AusAID and CIDA. A variety of  bilateral and multilateral donors (the Netherlands, DfID and DSF) have financed SOfEI through a World Bank trust fund, which makes SOfEI a WB project. In January 2009, the DSF (represented by the GOI, World Bank and most key donors) recommended that SOfEI be established as a Foundation, called Yayasan BaKTI. SOfEI agreed with this route as an appropriate way forward.

The Yayasan BaKTI has become a Makassar-based NGO, with possible presence in other provinces in Eastern Indonesia. The Yayasan will have  approximately 25 staff (including security) with approximately USD 1 million operations budget per year. Considerable progress has already been made towards establishing the Yayasan including securing funding from donors. Since the financial management function previously has always been managed by the World Bank, the financial procedures, policy and software package is managed and implemented by the WB. As an
independent organization, the FM function will be considerably larger, especially to assist the financial management unit of BaKTI to ensure that donors can have confidence that their funds are managed in a transparent, accountable, efficient and effective manner.

*Scope of Responsibilities: *

TheFinancial Management Consultant will have the following responsibilities:

1. /1. //Transfer of Financial Management function from WB to the Yayasan./

The Financial Management Consultant will assist BaKTI to enhance the FM system and ensure that the system work effectively, which include:
a) implement an accounting software package and train relevant staff on usage;
b) establish key procedures such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, banking and bank reconciliation, petty cash, payroll, audit;
c) provide clarity on the taxation obligations of the Yayasan and its staff;
d) establish financial reporting templates and procedures in accordance with accounting standards and needs to donors;
e) establish systems for management to monitor the budget and spending (management reporting); 6) audit function; f) and other financial management components as required. The financial management procedures must also be acceptable to key current and future donors such as AusAID, CIDA, World  Bank, UN Agencies and USAID.

1. /2. //Financial Management/

The Financial Management Consultant will be is expected to assist BaKTI to establish accounting and reporting procedures in accordance with GAAP  for foundation as well as for donor requirements

1. /Counter Part and Training Development/

The counterpart of the Financial and Management Consultant is BaKTI finance and accounting officer. The Financial Management Consultant it expected to train the Finance and Accounting Officer.

1. /4. //Other Tasks/

The Financial Management Consultant may be expected to perform other tasks that may be required.


1. Monthly Financial Report for the first and second month
2. Annual Financial Report 2010

*Reporting Procedures*

The Financial Management Consultant will report to the Executive Director of Yayasan BaKTI

* *

*Length of Contract*

The Financial Management Consultant will be contracted as a consultant for 60 days.


* Masters (S2) in Business, Accounting, Commerce, Finance, or a related discipline. Chartered Accountant/CPA preferred.
* Minimum 7 years relevant experience in assisting or working in Foundation type of organization.
* Experience in a Big 4 Accounting firm preferred.
* Fluent in both written and spoken English.
* Initiative and ability to work independently.
* Strong inter-personal skills.

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