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Fransisca Widayati

Oleh   /   Senin 16 Februari 2015  /   Tidak ada komentar

Fransisca Widayati

Fransisca Widayati

Women’s full name Fransisca Widayati has worked in finance for more than 10 years, in various NGOs both locally and internationally. She also experienced in managing multiple types of donors and partners, both local and regional levels.

Hivos is an international organization that aims at new solutions for global issues that constantly. With smart project in the right place, we against discrimination, injustice, abuse of power and sustainable use of our planet’s resources. Offset only, However, it is not enough. Our main focus is to achieve structural change. This is why we are working with innovative businesses, residents and their organizations. We share their dreams with sustainable economy and an inclusive society.

Everyday Fransisca widayati can be contacted via e-mail account: fransisca.widayati@gmail.com.

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