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Judul Buku :Oligarchy

Penulis : Jeffrey A. Winters

Penerbit : Cambrigde University Press, 2011

For centuries, oligarchs were viewed as empowered by wealth, an idea muddled by elite theory in the early twentieth century. The common thread for oligarchs across history is that wealth defines and empowers them, and inherently exposes them to threats. The existential motive of all oligarchs is the defense of wealth. Their pursuit of wealth defense varies with the threats they confront, including how directly involved they are in supplaying the coercion underlying all property claims, and whether they act separately or collectively. These variations yield four types of oligarchy: warring, ruling, sultanistic, and civil. Democracy does not displace oligarchy but rather fuses with it. Moreover, the rule-of-law problem in many societies is a matter of taming oligarchs. Cases studied in this book include the United States, ancient Athens and Rome, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, medieval Venice and Siena, Mafia commissions in the United States and Italy, feuding Appalachian families, and early chiefs cum oligarchs dating from 2300. B.C.E.

Jeffrey A. Winters specializes in oligarchy and elites in a range of historical and contemporary cases, including Athens, Rome, medieval Europe, the United States, and several countries in Southeast Asia. His research, publications, and teaching focus on the areas of comparative and international political economy. Themes in his work in addition to oligarchy include state-capital relations, capital mobility and the structural power of investors, human rights, authoritarianism and democratic transitions in postcolonial states, and the World Bank. He has conducted extensive research in the region of Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. He is the author of Power in Motion: Capital Mobility and the Indonesian State (1996). He coedited Reinventing the World Bank (2002, with Jonathan Pincus). He has also published two other books in Indonesian. Professor Winters has received grants and scholarships from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the National Science Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Sawyer-Mellon Foundation, the Henry R. Luce Foundation, the J. M. Kaplan Fund, and a J. William Fulbright Senior Specialist Grant.

Professor Jeffrey A. Winters, merupakan pengajar di Departemen Ilmu Politik, Northwestern University, Amerika Serikat. Ia merupakan ahli di bidang ekonomi-politik, khususnya tentang oligarki dan elit politik, berdasarkan studi sejarah dan kasus kontemporer di era Yunani dan Romawi Kuno, Eropa abad pertengahan, Amerika Serikat, Indonesia, Singapura, dan Filipina. Bukunya yang terbaru, berjudul Oligarchy, diterbitkan oleh Cambridge University Press di tahun 2011. Buah pikirnya, termasuk penelitian, artikel, dan materi kuliah, terfokus pada studi perbandingan dan ekonomi politik internasional, termasuk perbandingan politik secara umum. Sejumlah penelitiannya yang terkait dengan oligarki meliputi: hubungan negara dan modal, pergerakan modal dan kekuatan investor, Dana Moneter Internasional (IMF), Organisasi Perdagangan Dunia (WTO), dan Bank Dunia, hak asasi manusia, otoriterianisme, dan transisi demokratis negara-negara pasca kolonial. Professor Winters telah menghasilkan beberapa buku, yakni: Power in Motion: Capital Mobility and the Indonesian State (Cornell University Press, 1996), Reinventing the World Bank (Cornell University Press, 2002) yang ditulisnya bersama Jonathan Pincus. Ked.

Atas ijin Prof. Jeffrey Winters, fotokopi buku Oligarchy karyanya bisa didapat di: Melawai Indah, Jl. Melawai Raya, Telp. 739-8052 atau 739-7802 dengan Rini. Harga Rp 100,000 (digital copy).

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