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Request for Proposal – UNESCO

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Development of a curriculum for water education focusing on ecohydrology, integrated water resources management and sustainability science for climate change impact resilience in Asia and the Pacific linking to science and policy”

Reference: JAK/SC/WES/L/19/0018

Request to submit a written proposal for a work assignment with UNESCO

UNESCO is inviting written proposals from Individual Consultants for the work assignment described in Attachment A.

To enable you to prepare a proposal for this assignment, please find attached the following documents:

(a) Terms of Reference (see Attachment A);

Your written should comprise:

(a) A Technical Proposal consisting of:

An up-to-date curriculum vitae,

An approach and methodology for the assignment, a workplan and comments on the Terms of Reference if any (in brief).

(b) The amount to be charged for the assignment, which should be quoted in US Dollars only. Please show any travel costs separately.

Your proposal and any supporting documents must be in English.

Download the TOR here

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