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Request For Proposal – YPII

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Yayasan Plan International Indonesia – Analysis of External Environment

Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (YPII) is seeking the services of an experienced consultant to provide an in-depth analysis and forward outlook of the external environment in Indonesia for YPII. This work will form part of a wider piece of work to develop a long term strategy (to 2030) for YPII, and will inform the development of one or more likely scenarios in relation to the political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environment context for YPII over that horizon. Against this backdrop, and as a foundation for this new strategy, YPII will identify and assess alternate business models in response to envisioned scenarios, with the intent of ensuring that YPII remains both relevant and sustainable into the future.

Interested consultants should have demonstrable experience in completing similar projects for global organisations, have a deep understanding of the Indonesia context, and be well versed in the current debate around the future of INGOs, with particular attention to INGOs working on gender equality and children’s rights in the country. Proposals are being sought by 10 September 2018 to respond to the following Terms of Reference. Interested parties are asked to submit an organisational or individual capacity statement and CVs, a time bound outline of the proposed process for the work, as well as a cost proposal. Work is expected to be initiated by end of September 2018 and completed by end of October with a final report due 30 November 2018.

Terms Of Reference

  1. Background

Founded in 1937, Plan International is a development and humanitarian organisation that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. We strive for a just world, working together with children, young people, our supporters, and partners in over 70 countries in order to fulfil this ambition.

Traditionally, Plan International has been a child sponsorship organisation, with a single product and a simple operating model. Whilst child sponsorship and grassroots community work continue to be central to our strategy, we are increasingly making changes both to the work that we do, to our funding streams, as well as to our organisational model.

Over recent years, Plan has diversified its income sources to include grants from bilateral, multilateral, and corporate donors; adopted a predominantly rights based approach; developed a greater focus on achieving results through advocacy & influencing; and extended its mandate to include disaster response & preparedness.

Our new global strategy – 100 Million Reasons – was completed in November 2016 and sets out our ambition to transform the lives of 100 million girls so they can learn, lead, decide and thrive. It builds on our current capabilities and proposes further ambitious change to how and where we work and to how we acquire and manage funds, to ensure a healthy, sustainable and more accountable organisation.

It is against this backdrop that YPII is seeking to take a longer term approach to strategy to ensure that it remains relevant as Indonesia moves towards 2030. Plan International Indonesia (PII) has been operating in Indonesia since 1969, helping marginalised children to access their rights to health, sanitation, education, livelihoods and protection. In 2016, Indonesia was considered as as a “priority prospect” for becoming a New Member of the Plan Federation, hence the journey of becoming a new member started with the transition from INGO into National Foundation (Yayasan). In March of this year, YPII was officially launched as a locally registered yayasan. PII is currently in the process of transferring assets to YPII, and phase out of PII as an entity will occur in late 2019. YPII is working towards becoming a full member of the Plan International federation by 2022. Milestones to achieve this goal will form a critical element of the new strategy, with YPII’s capacity to be financially self-sustaining through local fundraising being key, in addition to establishing a more sustainable and relevant organization in Indonesia.

This process presents an exciting opportunity for a forward thinking and strategic consultant to contribute to a wider organizational debate within Plan International in support of our continuing relevance within a changing global landscape.

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this work is to both provide an in-depth analysis of the current and future external environment, and to outline the necessary expertise required in subsequent workshops to ensure sound scenario planning for YPII.

The key objectives of this project are therefore as follows:

  • To complete a desk review covering the following components:
  • A comprehensive political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental (PESTLE) analysis for Indonesia, and more specifically as it relates to the development sector and civil society, taking into account the level of inequality and development gaps between regions. The analysis should also be informed by context specific situation of issues relevant to Plan International global strategy, particularly, but not limited to, gender equality and youth movement in the country. This should focus on the immediate to near term.
  • A literature review that informs a comprehensive outlook for Indonesia, through a PESTLE lens, and more specifically as it relates to the development sector and civil society. This should focus on a time horizon out to 2030 where available, and identify any likely key juncture points (for example, major elections) with alternative potential scenarios as may be relevant.
  • An analysis of civil society space for informing policies and decision making in Indonesia, the utilization of research and evidence as well as advocacy and public mobilization.
  • A review of funding trends for the development sector in Indonesia over the previous five to ten years, as well as forward forecasts for the coming five to fifteen year horizon, differentiated by income source.
  • A review of recent developments in engaging the corporate sector for development objectives in Indonesia and Asia more widely, and an outline of potential opportunities for engagement over the coming five to fifteen years.
  • To conduct interviews with Plan’s key peers and relevant non-peer actors in the country so as to understand their forward outlook for the sector and planned response over the given time horizon (to 2030).
  • Identify any information gaps to address in establishing likely scenarios and, if possible, propose relevant experts or technical expertise required in subsequent face to face workshops, such that YPII is able to arrive at a reasonably complete forward outlook.
  • To complete a report compiling all components.

Deliverables and Timeline

  • 29 September 2018 Deadline for proposal submission
  • 5 October 2018 Appointment of consultant and confirmation of terms of reference
  • 15 October – 16 November 2018 Completion of desk review and interviews
  • 23 November 2018 Draft report due to Executive Director
  • 30 November 2018 Final report due to Executive Director

Expressions of Interest

This consultancy is open to both organization and individuals with sufficient experience and knowledge in conduction similar work.

Proposals should be submitted by 29 September 2018 Email to : HRD.Indonesia@plan-international.org cc to : hety.herdiyani@plan-international.org and dini.widiastuti@plan-international.org

Proposals should include the following:

  • Organization or individual capacity statement plus CVs, along with details of specific consultants allocated to each piece of work
  • Proposed process for completion of work
  • Details of cost and consultancy days.
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