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Request For Proposals

Oleh   /   Jumat 30 Desember 2011  /   Tidak ada komentar

Request For Proposals – Public Opinion Survey in Indonesia 2012

IFES wishes to conduct a public opinion survey in Indonesia of adults aged 17 years or older to elicit voters’ level of knowledge of voter registration and other electoral procedures. The survey will determine knowledge, attitudes, and opinions on voter registration and other elements of the electoral process in Indonesia.

Your firm is invited to bid on the project. Your submission must be received no later than *5 PM *Washington DC time on *January 6, 2012*.

Any submissions received after this date will not be considered. All applications are to be sent to the attention of *Lauren Serpe*; *email: lserpe@ifes.org and Rakesh Sharma at rsharma@ifes.org (with the email subject line “IFES Indonesia Survey”). *

IFES will confirm receipt of any submissions sent via e-mail.

A complete document of Request for Proposals (RfP) will be available via link as below:


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