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Request for Proposal – IUWASH

Oleh   /   Senin 29 September 2014  /   Tidak ada komentar

To the kind attention of: All potential bidders,

The Indonesia Urban Water Sanitation and Hygiene (IUWASH) project is a sixty-month program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented under the leadership of DAI. IUWASH works with government, the private sector, NGOs, community groups and other stakeholders to improve access to safe water supply and sanitation in Indonesia’s urban areas. The overall goal of IUWASH is to assist the Government of Indonesia (GOI) in making significant progress in achieving its safe water and sanitation Millennium Development Goal (MDG) targets by expanding access to these services. The expected results to be achieved are: (a) 2,000,000 people in urban areas gain access to improved water supply; (b) 250,000 people in urban areas gain access to improved sanitation facilities; and (c) the per unit water cost paid by the poor in targeted areas decreases by at least 20%. To achieve the above, technical assistance is divided in three main technical components:

  • Mobilizing demand for water supply and sanitation service delivery;
  • Improving and expanding capacity for water and sanitation service delivery; and
  • Strengthening policy and the financial enabling environment for improved water supply and sanitation service delivery.

PDAM Kabupaten Lebak is one of PDAMs that is assisted by IUWASH. PDAM Kabupaten Lebak has about 17,000 customers. The customers are served by some of Water Treatment Plants (WTP), which are spread across some branches of service. WTP installed capacity is currently totaling 320 liters/second, and its production capacity is 248 liters/sec.

Along with population growth of Kabupaten Lebak, the greater the need for drinking water. An effort that could be made ​​to serve the increasing needs of drinking water is to optimize the capacity of existing IPA. In this regard, in accordance with the request of PDAM Kabupaten Lebak, IUWASH Regional West Java, DKI Jakarta and Banten, plans to conduct a study of optimization of WTP. The WTP that will be the study object are the steel WTP with capacity of 50 liters/second and the concrete WTP with capacity of 20 liter/second in the village Pabuaran, Rangkasbitung Branch that serve communities at Cabang Kota Lebak that is not able to full-fill the demand anymore especially at peak hour. The steel WTP only has been operating less than 50 liters/second and the operation is not effective where partial of water volume that already dosed by chemical and still at the production stage has to be discarded, if not the settled flock will going up again. Meanwhile, at the water quality from the discharge at the concrete WTP clearly is not good and the production capacity of this concrete WTP can be increased. Considering the water demand and the estimation cost of re-rating/up-rating are cheaper than to build new WTP, it is recommended to evaluate how to re-rate the steel WTP capacity 50 l/s and to up-rate WTP capacity and improve water quality production of concrete WTP at PDAM Kabupaten Lebak. Note that in addition to IUWASH’s proposed work, the PDAM is undertaking with its own funds programs to improve water quality from these WTPs. Through close coordination, this combined program of assistance can be expected to improve water supply services for as many as 5,000 households while extending services to many more.

It is estimated that the implementation re-rating cost will not too expensive and can be funded by PDAM, meanwhile for the implementation of up-rating will more expensive and maybe need support from APBD. According to PDAM, the funding for these activities comes from PDAM and the provincial budget (APBD Propinsi).

This activity is supporting to WS-1: Improved PDAM Operational Aspects Study and Task WS I-4: Production Capacity Improvement.

The intention of the activity is to prepare detail design of optimization of steel WTP with capacity 50 liters/second and concrete WTP with capacity of 20 liter/second in the village Pabuaran, Rangkasbitung Branch, PDAM Kabupaten Lebak.

Meanwhile the purpose of this activity is the availability document of detail design of optimization of steel WTP with capacity 50 liters/second and concrete WTP with capacity of 20 liter/second in the village Pabuaran, Rangkasbitung Branch, PDAM Kabupaten Lebak.

Detail Scope of Work (SoW), please see:

Thank you very much for your kind attention

Sincerely yours,

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