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Sutjipto Budiman

Oleh   /   Jumat 17 Juni 2016  /   Tidak ada komentar

sutjipto budiman

Sutjipto Budiman

Sutjipto Budiman adalah sebagai HR Services di Yayasan Belantara.

The Belantara Foundation was formed in 2014 with the goal of delivering wide-ranging landscape scale conservation projects in Sumatra and Kalimantan, Indonesia. The Foundation takes its name from the Indonesian word ‘Belantara’, meaning jungle or wilderness. It is designed to provide a vehicle and structure for the coordination of conservation activities across the landscapes identified in April 2014 by Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP), which established the Foundation and works within each designated landscape alongside NGO partners. The Foundation was set up to work alongside APP’s ‘One Million Hectares’ initiative.

Of course, coordinating and implementing such holistic projects requires a deep understanding of critical landscapes. To this end, Belantara spent its first year defining landscape boundaries, learning about existing conservation programs, and carefully mapping involved stakeholders and their competing priorities, in conjunction with the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Yapeka and the APP Group.

The end result of this research was Belantara’s Master Plan, which will guide partner groups when implementing projects within each landscape. Master Plan programs are designed not to replace existing initiatives, but rather to complement existing plans and facilitate coordination among activities already underway and those that will begin in the future. After a year of careful preparation and the successful development of its Master Plan, Belantara is excited to have officially launched in December 2015 during the UNFCCC COP21 event in Paris.

Keseharian Sutjipto Budiman, bisa dihubungi melalui email: yay.belantara@widyapresisisolusi.com.

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